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Wireless Barcode Adapter SL-BA200 (Long Distance Version)




1.  Make corded barcode scanners wireless
2.  100 - 200 meters (328 ft ~ 656 ft) wireless bar code data transmission range
3.  Supports all 1D barcode scanners with USB interface
4.  HID, plug and play, no need to install any softwares or drivers


Brief Introduction
SUMLUNG Wireless Barcode Adapter SL-BA200 can convert all barcode scanners to long distance wireless barcode scanners. The communication distance can reach 100 to 200 meters. Just insert USB cable of the scanner to Sender A, connect Receiver B to PC, plug and scan, easy to use.



Support Interface:            USB
Frequency Band:             433 MHz
Radio Transmit Power:     50 mW/ 17dbm
Radio Range:                  100 - 200 Meters (Max. 200 M in open outdoor)
Radio Transmit Rate:       9600 bps
Failed Alarm:                  Beep 3 times
Integration:                      Keyboard Input Mode
Multi-Piont:                     Many-to-One


Power Supply:                 3.7 V, 850 mAh Li-ion Battery (Built-in)
Battery Last:                   10 hours
Recharge Time:               2.5 hours
Power Saving:                 Sender A will turn off automatically if not scan over 10 minutes
Battery Low Alarm:          Repetitive beeps


Dimensions:                    L*W*H   185 * 70 * 45 mm
Weight:                           268g/9.5 oz (Sender A: 88 g, Receiver B: 64 g)
Material:                          Metal, Jamming Proof Material
Color:                              Silver


Operating Temp.:             -20°C - 60°C (32°F to 113°F) 
Relative Humidity:            10% - 90% (Non-condensing) 
Drop Durability:                100 times drops from 1.5 meters high to concrete surface


One sender A
One receiver B
One charger
One USB cable
One belt
Product specification, User Manual  


One Year



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