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SUMLUNG — Dual-Frequency Card

SUMLUNG — Dual-Frequency Card

Dual-Frequency Card
Functionalities (Combined LF/HF/)
13.56MHZ nominal
philips Mifare1 S50/Mifare1 S70/I Code SLi SL2
125khz nominal
TK4100(EM4100 compatible, read only,64bits) ATMEL T5557(R/W,330bits)
logistics,access control, public transportation
Types: ISO format credit cards

 We also offer CUSTOMIZATION service 


1)Materials: PVC and PET
2)RFID card -Dual-frequency card

Materials: PVC and PET

Offset, silkscreen, and serial number printing, signature panel finish

Applications: membership and loyalty card

Dimensions: 86 x 54 x 0.80mm

Credit card size and customization

Dual-frequency: EM+Mifare1S50/s70, temic5567+Mifarfe1S50/S70, and EM+I-codesli Gen2+Mifare1S50

Magnetic cards

86 x 54mm magnetic cards, mount with 300, 2,750 or 4,000oe magnetic strip