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Anti-counterfeit & tamper-proof label

Anti-counterfeit & tamper-proof label

Art Paper Label of Glassine and Environment-friendly Adhesive
Applicate in counterfeit occations
Many chip type for choose,for example l-code SLI,Ultralight,18000-6C,etc...

We also offer CUSTOMIZATION service 



1. Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting product. 

 2. Anti-fake ID card, certificate,ticket, coupon.

3. Packaging sealing strip.                  

4. Dot matrix hologram label.

5. Rolled labels.                          

6. Multi-channel hologram label.

7. Hang-tag.                              

8. Rainbow hologram label.

9. Self-adhesive sticker.                    

10. Tamper evident hologram label.

11. Encryption hologram label.              

12. Hot stamping foil.

13. Scratch-off card, label.                  

14. Security water mark.

15. Gravure texture security label.            

16. Light-revealable hiding image.

17. Hologram masters and labels (2D/3D).     

18. Micro-text.

19. Coupling encryption.                   

20. Color-changing.

21. Texture anti-counterfeiting label.          

22. Bar code with serial number.

23. Anti-fake self-adhesive sticker.           

24. VOID tamper evident sticker.

25. Floating hand-feeling line.               

26. Magnetic sensitive technique.

27. Security line.                          

28. Paper money texture.

29. Anti-duplicating and scanning.            

30. Demetalized micro-text security line.

Color printing

Hang tag, Security coupon,  anti-counterfeiting certificate, anti-fake ticket,self-adhesive sticker...