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SUMLUNG Mobile Barcode Scanner MS30






1. High Quality Scan Engine

MS30A uses Symbol laser scan engine, MS30B uses Chinese famous brand laser scan engine, MS30D uses Symbol 2D scan engine, stable and durable

2. Support Smart Phones

Supports platforms of Windows Mobile, WinCE, Android, Symbian S60 3rd

3. Extensibility

Real-time data transmission via GPRS, Bluetooth, WiFi, SMS, 3G ...

4. Cost-effective

Save at least 30% - 50% cost

5. Provide SDK (WM OS)

Supports VB, C#, C++, WAP, Java, .NET, etc



SUMLUNG MS30 Mobile Barcode Scanner uses the newest design concept. It scans barcodes directly to mobile smart phones.

Use it with a smart phone you'll have a Data Collection Terminal. Or a Combo of handheld mobile computer with barcode scanning ability.

The high compatibility of MS30 Series makes it suitable for barcode solutions in all the fields, such as Retail Industry, Logistics, Healthcare, Warehouse, Asset Tracking, Sale Force Automation, Field Service, Government Management ...

It will greatly help you increase the work efficiency and cut off costs.




MS30 scan barcode on electronics

MS30 scan tracking number

MS30 scan barcode on food

MS30 scan barcode on medicine

MS30 scan barcode on stationery

MS30 scan barcode on books

MS30 scan barcode on commodity








SUMLUNG Mobile Barcode Scanner MS30A Specification

SUMLUNG Mobile Barcode Scanner MS30B Specification

SUMLUNG Mobile Barcode Scanner MS30D Specification (2D Symbol Scan Engine) NEW


Power Supply:            Lithium-ion battery (Model no.: BP-4L same as Nokia E61i )
Battery Capability:       >52,000 scans/full charge ( tested with 1500mAH Lithium-ion)


RADIO                       Bluetooth 2.0, Class 2 (SPP file)


Mobile Phone/PDA:      Windows Mobile, WinCE, Symbian S60 3rd, Android
Computer:                   Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7


Dimensions;                                  L*W*H    154 * 72 * 34 mm
Compatible Size of Mobile Phone:    Width: 50 - 60 mm, Thickness: 12 - 20 mm
Weight:                                       139 g (includes battery)
Material:                                      ABS plastic and Glass, RoHS
Color:                                          Black


One Year


  1* Bluetooth laser barcode scanner SL-MS30A/B/D
  1* 1500 mAH Lithium-ion battery
  1* USB charger
  1* Cushion pad set
  1* CD (3 app., product specification, user guide)
  1* Product specification




Click here to view or download Product Specification(MS30A)

Click here to view or download Product Specification(MS30B)

Click here to view or download Product Specification(MS30D)