Market News

Market News:

Unique Identifiers And Barcodes:Copying Coupons Is Illegal   

RFID in Pharma - Simplify Manufacturing & Warehousing Operations by Eliminating Operator Scanning, Errors & Wasted Labor      

CSI: Wildlife    

Government considers tracing welfare money via barcodes         

Barcode System:Firms want review system on price ceiling      

$2.6M(Barcode DNA) helps Avera find 'why certain kids suffer'      

World Post Day celebrated in Federation        

Barcode Application:The Veterans Administration is efficient       

Labelexpo Europe signals economic recovery    

The barcode is nothing to celebrate        

Mobile Advertising Becoming Line Item In Brand Media Buys      

Fake Tickets Sold to Vikings Fans      

"Metabolic Barcode":European Team Develops Array-Based Method for Metabolite Testing 

Supermarkets back supply chain standard to save £1bn       

New licences won’t act as passports  

The Barcode, the UPC, the Antichrist, and Big Brother  

Symposium Addresses Improving Global Supply Chain Management  

The Cambridge Enterprise Conference showcased a range of innovative new technologies in need of a funding boost   

Implementation Of Innovative Barcode Specimen Identification System Gains Efficiencies Within Pathology Laboratory Process      

Google Forces Web Standards Issue Using Sexy Buttons    

Barcode’s 57th anniversary today, Troy played a major role  

Afternoon Delight: Happy birthday barcode!          

The rise of the barcode       

Poaching Investigators Take High-tech Approach        

Logistics Portal offers Insights on 2009 PMA Fresh Summit International Exposition

Mobile Check-Ins Take Flight   

"NFL Ticket Exchange”    

Scott Blake's Work Featured Around Nation   

Tag, You're in 2D!         

Drug Firms Use Web to Cure Supply Chain Woes       

Fox mobile effort brings print to life      

Design bible uses 2D barcodes to add web content to printed book    

The NFC Report: Could NFC be in danger of being too much, too late? 

Bar code technology to be pioneered at conference   

Fox Uses Jagtag’s Mobile Barcodes To Promote ‘X-Men’ DVD Release 

The NFC Report: Is China heading towards the adoption of NFC?      

Future of mobile commerce, in a skinny vanilla latte?  

'Barcodes' tackle bush meat trade 

RFID Use to Increase in Fashion Industry  

Police: Barcode Scheme Netted Man $1 Million  

The Three Rules of QR Codes 

Free barcode with purchase

DNA 'Barcode' To Help Nab Illegal Wildlife Traders

QR Code Scavenger Hunt in New York City

Kid Robot’s QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Japan's QR-codes conquer the world markets

Scientists develop interactive barcode replacement

Scientists aim to "barcode" the world's plants

'Barcode' to help identify plants 

Barcode replacement shown off 

QR Codes Explode into the Western Markets

Microsoft Tag promisses a bar coding revolution