SUMLUNG — Copied style ID card / key tag

Sumlung — Writable ID card / key tag

This item is to show proof of concept for a writable RFID ID tag that used an integrated antenna and MRAM nonvolatile memory to store data.

Normal ID card / tag just can read, but this card/ tag also writable

Frequency: 125k                                                                         Chip: T5577

We also offer CUSTOMIZATION service. 

●Dimension: 37 * 30* 6.3mm (keyfob), 86 * 54mm (card)
●Material: ABS
●Frequency: 125k
● Chip: T5577
● Operation temperature: -40°c to 85°c
● Waterproof

Application scope
Public transportation, parking, ID identification, attendance system, ticketing,
card payment, product logo, etc.

This kind of ID card / tag can reuse for many times.