SUMLUNG — Active RFID Sticker

SUMLUNG — Active RFID Sticker

 This tag is a thin simple device containing antenna and small                  amount of memor.It is a passive device, powered by magnetic field.              This mini rfid / nfc tag can be read and re-writable.

Frequency:13.56MHz                                                                                   Chip: FO8, NXP S50, ultralight, ultralight-c, NTAG 203(14443A)                       ICODE, ICODE SLI-X(15693)                                                   

This passive rfid / nfc tag is popular in library,、、、、 storage.

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Label Type: Mifare 1k S50
Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz
Capacity: 1024byte EEPROM (768 free bytes available)
Tested Read Range: 0-50 mm
Multi-Detection: Yes
Size: 25mm (diameter), 30mm (diameter), 20*40mm
Material: Paper
Color: White

Part No:                     VM740802
Label Size:                86mmx54mm
Antenna Size:            75mmx45mm
Antenna Material:       Aluminum
Substrate Material:     PET
Antenna Thickness:    0.03mm
Substrate Thickness:  0.03mm
Frequency:                14.0+/-0.5MHz
Reading Distance:      0---10CM

Protocol: ISO14443A 
Chip Type:  NXP S50/S70/Ultralight/Desfire 
Frequency:  13.56MHz 
Write Endurance:  100,000 cycles
Data Retention:10 years;
Baudrate: 106K bits/s    

Environmental Parameters:
Ideal Storage Temp:+15℃~+25℃,20%RH~45%RH
Tolerant Storage Environment:-25℃~+50℃,20%RH~90%RH
Tolerant Working Environment:-25℃~+65℃,20%RH~90%RH
Withstand voltage:≦5N/m㎡
Resistance to bending capacity:≧φ20mm

Working temperature

● Store temperature: -50℃~210℃
● Humidity: 20% ~ 90%RH
● Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 65℃


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