SL-BQ301W Offline Built-in Flash Storage Laser Barcode Scanner

This is not a normal wireless barcode scanner, BQ301W with built-in 8MB Flash memory with offline storage capabilities, When it is not convenient for wireless transmissions,it could be offline and with storage up to 200,000 bar code and avoiding the loss of barcode when the poor communication.Even though beyond the normal transmission range,the barcode will be stored in the barcode scanner,which make the applications more flexible.
Product Features:
The receiver is connected to the computer, it has the fuction of wireless barcode scanner;Plug in the USB cable,it can act as the cable barcode scanner and also could for barcode scanner charge;when it is inconvenient to transfer data, the data stored in the barcode scanner.With the state read function of Longsys optimization settings, you can read the remaining battery tips and offline quantity of barcode storage, remaining storage space anytime. 

Simple operation:
The receiver's connected by U disk, USB interface plugs directly into a USB port on the computer, do not need to install the driver, free plug-and-play.
*Compatibility:compatible with XP,Win7 operating system

Ultra-long-range, penetrating ability:
Outdoor non-interference cases, wireless transmission distance of 400 meters, diffraction, penetrating ability.

Ultra-low power:
Within setting time for not scanning barcodes,it will automatically go into the off state to reduce power consumption; if the system is shutdown,directly press the Scan button can wake up the system.

Reliable trasmission:
In case of appear to error and loss of data,each packet transceiver loop interleave correction to ensure the accuracy of data transfer.In the case of the failure of the wireless reception, the scanned barcodes will be automatically stored in the barcode scanner, after re-connecting the base station and the scanning send barcode settings, automatically uploading data to computer text.

Type of light source:Visible Laser 650nm
Size:9.5 cm (length) x 6.8 cm (width) x 15.8 cm (H)
Cable standards:Linear, 2 m
Interface Type:RJ-45 crystal head
Shell material:ABS + PC + PVC
weight:135 g (without cable)
Scan mode:Manual / continuous automatic
Indicator:LED red and green
Buzzer:Controllable buzzer
Performance parameters:
Reading width:60mm@30mm (from the barcode), 98mm@100mm (from the barcode)
Depth of Field:10-450mm (Barcode contrast 0.9 density 0.25)
Input voltage:DC 5V ± 5%
Power:258mw (work); 100mw (standby); 380mw (maximum peak)
Electric current:50mA (work); 30mA (standby); 100mA (maximum peak)
Scanning angle:± 60 ° ± 45 ° ± 42 ° (left and right, front and back, rotate)
Decoding speed:120 times/sec.
Reading accuracy:0.10mm (min.)
Decoding types:UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN8, ISBN / ISSN, 39 yards, cross 25 yards, 25 yards of industrial, Codabar (NW7), 128 yards, 93 yards, 11 yards (USD-8), MSI / Plessey, UCC / EAN 128
Battery Specifications:3.7V/1000mAh
Charging time:2.5-3hours
Scans Times:20,000 times
Radio frequency:433MHz
Setting mode:Manual scan settings (one barcode)
Communication distance:400 meters (outdoor without interference),100meters(indoor)
System Interface:USB
Environmental parameters:
Temperature:0  to 45  (work); -20 ° C to 45 ° C (storage)
Humidity:5-95% (non-condensing)
Electrostatic Protection:The ± 15kVDC air discharge, ± 8kVDC direct / indirect discharge
Received light intensity:Daylight 4.000luX max
Seismic capacity:1.5 m free drop test
Offline scanning and upload the barcodes:
Scanning the offline scan settings barcodes (reference the manual of the wireless barcode scanner and base station upgrade instructions), wireless barcode scanner go into the offline scan mode, scan the barcodes will be automatically stored in the barcode scanner, connect the base station to the computer,after scanning the upload setting barcode,it will be automatically sent to the barcode to the document at the time of the blue lights will flash;when sent completed, the buzzer blew and the blue lights out.

If same area need use more than 1pc of barcode scanner,barcode scanner and base stations are setting a same frequency,different pair of barcode scanners are needed to set a different frequency,that is one to one match.
Packing detail:
1*PC  Offline bulit-in 8MB flash Storage Laser Wireless Barcode scanner
1*PC  USB wireless receiver
1*PC  warranty card
1*Pc  Product manual