market news Oct.2009


Technology should reduce medicine mishaps

Japan Expo: Robots Fold Laundry, Plus Indoor Rain

DNA expert links weapon to Jamie Bacon at gun trial

Barcodes Fight the Counterfeit Threat

Fake winning lottery ticket

Travel book goes mobile with scannable QR code

New Medicine Coding System To Help Address The Growing Risk Of Counterfeit Medicines

Jordan Unveils State of the Art Healthcare Technology in Hospital Trial

Criminals cashing in on fake swine flu medicines

Laptop trickster caught at Tesco till

Editorial: Mail census forms with barcodes from Minn

Hospitals Using Bar Codes To Improve Safety

Detecting the Undetectable in Prostate Cancer Testing

Make a counterfeit barcode that would verify the ticket

Recent Announcements in Anticounterfeiting Technology

Postal expo aimed at helping businesses

Make it count in the right place

Extension marks new chapter for primary school near Carlisle

Combating Counterfeit Medicines:EFPIA's Pilot Medicines Coding Project in Sweden

Hi-tech Barcode:Police to get metallic badges, digital ID cards

New Medicine Coding System To Help Address The Growing Risk Of Counterfeit Medicines

EFPIA starts anti-counterfeiting pilots in Sweden

The New Technology,The New Barcode Unit

New technology in store for Helen Matthes Library

About Barcode:Health check for workers made easier

New Forms with Barcodes:Transplanted Minnesotans may jeopardize 8th congressional seat

Thanks to Bio-barcode Assay:Northwestern University Study Finds Ultrasensitive Assay Can Predict Recurrence of Prostate Cancer

Delhi Police unveil security plan for Commonwealth Games

Important Consulate Announcements:2011 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

Why click when you can scan your way to ad messages?

Protection of trademarks: the beauty sector is lagging behind

Bug barcode readers hold out promise of universal vaccines

Specialist medical advice from a flat-screen TV

Adventures in a scientific cocoon

What Is The Future Of RFID?

US State Department's RFID Tracking Solution

Barcode to thumbprint:School library fingerprint plan for kids

Library's high-tech boost pays off

Harper Government Supports Innovative Research and Development the dispensing and primary care system

Unique Identifiers And Barcodes:Copying Coupons Is Illegal   

RFID in Pharma - Simplify Manufacturing & Warehousing Operations by Eliminating Operator Scanning, Errors & Wasted Labor      

CSI: Wildlife    

Government considers tracing welfare money via barcodes         

Barcode System:Firms want review system on price ceiling      

$2.6M(Barcode DNA) helps Avera find 'why certain kids suffer'      

World Post Day celebrated in Federation        

Barcode Application:The Veterans Administration is efficient       

Labelexpo Europe signals economic recovery    

The barcode is nothing to celebrate        

Mobile Advertising Becoming Line Item In Brand Media Buys      

Fake Tickets Sold to Vikings Fans      

"Metabolic Barcode":European Team Develops Array-Based Method for Metabolite Testing 

Supermarkets back supply chain standard to save £1bn       

New licences won’t act as passports  

The Barcode, the UPC, the Antichrist, and Big Brother  

Symposium Addresses Improving Global Supply Chain Management  

The Cambridge Enterprise Conference showcased a range of innovative new technologies in need of a funding boost   

Implementation Of Innovative Barcode Specimen Identification System Gains Efficiencies Within Pathology Laboratory Process      

Google Forces Web Standards Issue Using Sexy Buttons    

Barcode’s 57th anniversary today, Troy played a major role  

Afternoon Delight: Happy birthday barcode!          

The rise of the barcode       

Poaching Investigators Take High-tech Approach        

Logistics Portal offers Insights on 2009 PMA Fresh Summit International Exposition   

Mobile Check-Ins Take Flight   

"NFL Ticket Exchange”    

Scott Blake's Work Featured Around Nation   

Tag, You're in 2D!