Wireless Barcode Scanner Based on Champ SD100(SD100+ SUMLUNG SL-BA10).Bluetooth

Wireless Barcode Scanner Based on Champ SD100(SD100+ SUMLUNG SL-BA10).Bluetooth

* No more cables on your barcode scanner Champ SD100.

* You could choose Champ SD100 Bluetooth barcode scanner (Champ SD100+ adapter SL-BA10) as your best-price Bluetooth Barcode Scanner. It could help you save 30%-50% costs compared to traditional Bluetooth barcode scanner.

*With Champ SD100 Bluetooth barcode scanner you could send the barcode to mobile phone,and use it as data collection terminal.









All New Contact CCD Scanner
The SD100 CCD barcode scanner is a reliable, low cost bar code reader suitable for a wide range of environments. The SD100's features and price make it the best solution for retail, medical and light industrial applications.

The Champtek SD100 flexible, multiple interface design supports keyboard wedge, RS232 and USB interface by simply replacing the cable. The powerful built-in decoder reads and discriminates all major symbologies, reducing processing time and labor costs, while increasing accuracy. The decoder also allows editing and modifying scanned data before sending it to the host device.

Barcode menus provide extensive configuration options. The settings can then be cloned to other readers through the use of custom bar code labels.

The SD100 CCD Scanner is manufactured at our ISO 9001 certified factory and comes with a 2-year warranty.




 Economical and durable 
 Ergonomic design 
 Easy to use and configure 
 Complete data formatting and editing capabilities 
 Extensive connectivity 
 Reads most commonly used bar code symbologies


Physical Characteristics:

Weight:  120g

Material:  ABS

Connector:  RJ45C 10Pins

Dimension:  179*81*63.5 mm 



Light Source  Red LED 
Width Of Window  60 mm 
Depth Of Field  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / PCS0.9(Contact Type) 
Resolution  0.127mm @ PCS 0.9 
Ambient Light  5000 Lux Max. 
Voltage  DC +5V ±5% 
Power Consumption  80mA 
Reading Indicator  Beeper 
Scan Rate  100 scan/sec 
Operating Temp  0 °C to 50 °C 
Storage Temp  -20 °C to 70 °C 
Relative Humidity  20% to 95% (Non-Condensing) 
Shock  100cm drop on Concrete Surface 
Housing Material  ABS 
Interface  KBW/RS232/USB 
Cable  Straight 5 ft. 
Connector  RJ45 Phone Jack Connector 
Weight  Approx. 120g (w/o cable) 




Wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner Champ SD100 Bluetooth Part (adapter SL-BA10) Specifications:

Dimensions: 105mm (L) *37mm (W) *34mm (D)
Weight: 50g
Color: Jade White
Voltage & Current: 2 x AA(Recommended 2500mAH NiMH)
Battery Specifications: 32,000+ @(2500mAH NiMH + Symbol LS2208)
Number of scans per full charge: 12Hour @(2500mAH NiMH + Symbol LS2208)
Radio: Bluetooth, Class 2, Version 2.0
Radio Range: 10 m;(typical indoor environment 12 m,typical outdoor environment 18 m)





SUMLUNG TECH. customizes the wireless barcode adapter for your lined barcode scanner in any Brand.