Wireless Barcode Scanner Based on ZEBEX Z-3021 (ZEBEX Z-3021 + SUMLUNG SL-BA10).Bluetooth

Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner ZEBEX Z-3021 base (ZEBEX Z-3021 + SUMLUNG SL-BA10)


* No more cables on your barcode scanner ZEBEX Z-3021,and barcode can be sent lager distance with complete accuracy.
* You could choose ZEBEX Z-3021 Wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner (ZEBEX Z-3021 + adapter SL-BA10) as your best-price Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner. It could help you save 30%-50% costs compared to traditional Bluetooth barcode scanner.
*With this ZEBEX Z-3021 Wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner you could send the barcode to mobile phone, and use it as data collection terminal. We are providing this customized Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner ZEBEX Z-3021.



ZEBEX Z-3021 bar code scanner features

1, can be easily completed in the work-site software updates
Equipped with a rewritable memory chip that can easily complete the job site software update.
2, hardware decoder
High-performance hardware decoding, to identify the majority of one-dimensional bar code bar code and can be carried out through a variety of settings.
3, the latest design comfortable, durable
Fuselage using durable ABS + software rubber protection, increase the scan button and the LED lights blazing operate your comfort and pleasure.
4, the way the instructions
LED indicator light and sound show the scanning information adjustable.
5, communication interface
RS Including the keyboard port, RS -232C。 Serial port, USB port, able to adapt to a variety of different needs.

ZEBEX Z-3021 bar code scanners detailed parameters

Light Source    650 nm visible laser diode (VLD)
Depth of Field   10 –220 mm (UPC / EAN 100%)
Scanning speed    40 lines / sec
Scan angle   42 °
Scan Mode    Single-scan
Minimum resolution 0.125 mm (5 mil) (0.1 mm actually)(Code 39, PCS=90%) actually)  
Print contrast 30% @ UPC / EAN 100%
Indicator light (LED)    Blue LED
Voice    Adjustable audio and tone
Communication Interface    Keyboard, RS Keyboard, RS -232C  , USB1.1, wand
Height    172.0 mm
Thickness   121.1 mm
Width    72.9 mm
Weight    150 g) (Not including the data line)
Data line 2 m  (Straightened)
Input voltage  5 VDC ± 5%
Current    120 mA
Laser safety    IEC 60825-1 Class 2
Operating temperature   0 ° C – 50 ° C ( (32°F 122 ° F  )
Storage temperature   -20° C-60 ° C (  -4°F 140 ° F  )
Working humidity    20% - 85% RH (non-condensing)
Ambient Light Max. 10,000 Lux (fluorescence)
Seismic capacity  From 1.5 m Department of cement fell to the ground can still work properly.

Wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner ZEBEX Z-3021 Bluetooth Part (adapter SL-BA10) Specifications

Dimensions:    105mm (L) *37mm (W) *34mm (D)
Weight:    50g
Color:    Jade White
Voltage & Current:    2 x AA(Recommended 2500mAH NiMH)
Battery Specifications:    32,000+ @(2500mAH NiMH + Symbol LS2208)
Number of scans per full charge:    12Hour @(2500mAH NiMH + Symbol LS2208)
Radio:    Bluetooth, Class 2, Version 2.0
Radio Range:    10 m;(typical indoor environment 12 m,typical outdoor environment 18 m)