The optimal configuration used in sales and inventory of clothing chains

Clothing chains which are controlled by a central organization have the same types of store, outside decoration, goods and services. Thus clothing chains need to transmit information to headquarters in real-time, but also conduct regular inventory.

Clothing chain management process will involve a large number of commodities, and the flow rate of commodities is very quickly. Each commodity has barcode labels, so it’s time to use barcode scanners. Traditional barcode scanners can only transmit data to the POS machine or computer. It is difficult to achieve real-time data transmission and aggregation of information by using traditional barcode scanners. Thus it will create a lag which will affect the competitiveness of clothing chain; If you choose handy terminals or handheld computers, it will be bound to increase the cost. The price a colorful handheld computer could reach as high as ten thousand yuan. Many stores can not afford it, especially chains.

With the development of science and technology, new configuration used in sales and inventory of clothing chains turned up. The new configuration is a new type of wireless barcode scanner, which can scan the data to a variety of smart phones, realize real-time data acquisition, real-time sales data collection and real-time inventory; more important, its price is only half of an ordinary bluetooth barcode scanner. We can see the specific application in clothing chains of the new configuration.

Sales information transmission:

A clothing company's chains lie in all over the country and even around the world. In the fierce market competition, the headquarters immediately need sales information of the chains to facilitate decision-making. New wireless barcode scanner can scan the barcode data to a variety of smart phones, such as windows mobile phone, the Nokia symbian phones, PDA and so on. And it can also summary data to headquarters immediately by GRPS, realize real-time data transmission and real-time information aggregation. So it can make headquarters’ data update in real-time, and enhance competitiveness of the whole enterprises.


For clothing chains, the regular inventory is necessary, and inventory need real-time. In the face of the huge variety of clothes, chains can use new wireless barcode scanners to reduce the pressure of inventory and didn’t need to increase too much cost. New wireless barcode scanner can scan to the phone. If it was used with mobile phones, it would realize the function of handheld computer, facilitate to check data. More important, this scanner is much cheaper than data collector, which can be purchased for several hundred yuan. Compared with common wireless barcode scanner, SUMLUNG wireless barcode adapter can save 30%-50% of the cost for enterprises.

In summary, the new wireless barcode scanner has become the optimal configuration used in sales and inventory of clothing chains. It can optimize the clothing chains’ management efficiency, while reducing costs.