ZEBEX Alpha-50 Series

Ju-Pu ZEBEX Alpha-50 Series Barcode Scanner features

1, in line with ergonomic design
Smooth feel that allows the user to feel very comfortable
2, a variety of configuration
There are two engine options: long-distance, wide-angle laser engine
3, high-performance scan
Have to scan 36 times per second, 53 º angle of the laser scan engine
4, lightweight and durable design
With 145 grams, Weight, reduce user fatigue
5, the embedded decoder chip
Built-in decoder that automatically辩别and decoding a variety of common bar code label, and the durable design and a variety of trigger switch scan mode selection.
6, LED indicator light and sound adjustment
LED lights display to facilitate reading results may be carried out on the audio and tone adjustment
7, multiple communication interfaces
RS Keyboard interface, RS -232C -232C Serial, USB, Wand interface more in tune with the needs of the different

Ju-Pu ZEBEX Alpha-50 Series Barcode Scanner detailed parameters                                                                                           

Alpha-50-WA    Wide range type       53°   0 -  572mm   160mA @ 5.0V
Alpha-50-LR    Long-distance type    23°  254 - 5334mm  200mA @ 5.0V

Performance parameters     
Light Source     650nm visible laser diode
Scanning speed   36 times / sec
Minimum resolution  5 mil @ PCS 90%
Print contrast 30 @ UPC / EAN 100%
Indicator light (LED)   Two-color LED (green & red)
Sound conditioning    Adjustable audio and tone
Communication Interface    Keyboard, RS Keyboard, RS -232C , USB 1.1, Wand ,
Physical parameters     
Height    110.0 mm
Thickness  75.0 mm
Width     52.0 mm
Weight     145g (excluding cable and connector)
Data line    2m
Power Parameters     
Input voltage     5VDC + - 10%
Power     1.0 Watts maximum
Laser safety (a) WA series: CDRH Class II; IEC 60825-1: Class I
(b) LR series: CDRH Class IIIa
Electromagnetic Compatibility    CE & FCC DOC compliance
Environmental parameters     
Operating temperature    (a) WA series: 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C
(b) LR series: 0 ° C ~50 ° C
Storage temperature    -20°C ~ 60 ° C
Humidity     (a) work: 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
(b) save: 5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Ambient Light    The largest 4500 LUX (fluorescence)
Seismic capacity  From 1 m Concrete floor height can be dropped to the normal work