Ju-Pu ZEBEX Z-3051HS characteristics of bar code scanners

1, a powerful scanning performance
Scanning speeds of up to 500 times per second
2, Z-SCAN technology
ZEBEX developed Z-SCAN chip, with hardware decoding of high-performance technology, the accuracy of time synchronization and a variety of bar code reading
the latest lines, ergonomic design
Facilitate the control of the operator a more comfortable handle, solid structure is more durable ABS plastic.
4, LED indicator light may regulate the volume size Can scan the most direct feedback to the user
5, multi-pass interface
USB  Multi-pass; interface includes a keyboard interface, RS-232 serial port, USB, Wand, etc. do not meet the needs of different

Ju-Pu ZEBEX Z-3051HS detailed parameters of bar code scanners


Light Source     6 650 nm visible laser diode
Scan angle      52 °
Scanning frequency     500 / S
Depth of Field     35 ~ 220 mm for for UPC / EAN 100%
Forward / back / oblique    65 ° / 30 ° / 65 °
Minimum resolution   5 mil @ PCS 90%, Code 39
Print contrast   30% @ UPC / EAN 100%
LED indicator light    Three-color LED (green, red & blue) Sound conditioning    Programmable tone and beep time
Communication Interface     Keyboard, RS Keyboard, RS -232C ,USB 1.1, Wand ,
Physical parameters     
Height     106.7 mm Thickness    155.0 mm
Width     58.0 mm
Data line   2 m
Power Parameters     
Input voltage   5VDC + 10%
Current     200 mA
Laser safety   Class II CDRH Class II; IEC 60825-1:
Electromagnetic Compatibility     CE & FCC DOC compliance
Environmental parameters     
Operating temperature    0°C- 40 ° C
Storage temperature    -20°C-60 ° C
Humidity    (a) work: 5% ~ 95% (non-condensing); (b) save: 5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Seismic capacity    From 1m Height fell to the ground can still be the normal work
Ambient Light   The largest 4500 Lux (fluorescence); 100000 Lux (daylight)
Setting method   (a) bar-code manual settings; (b) serial command; (c) Windows applications

Software Update    Through the flash update