Ju-Pu ZEBEX Z-3051BT barcode scanner characteristics

1 、the Bluetooth communication
Wireless distance up to the farthest 100 meters
2 、data communication channels
Communications through the base, Bluetooth module, or any Bluetooth-enabled communications equipment, such as PDA, notebook or other.
3 、 high-performance scanning instructions
Up to 36 lines per second, accurate high-speed laser scanning
4 、 scanning instructions
Multi-color LED indicator light and adjustable buzzer
5 、 ergonomic design, more convenient operation
LED indicator light and delicate design that allows you to operate more efficient and convenient
6 、the working mode
Support real-time transmission, batch

Ju-Pu ZEBEX Z-3051BT barcode scanner parameters in detail

Performance parameters
Light Source       (VLD) 650 nm visible laser diode (VLD)
Depth of Field      15 260 mm for UPC/EAN 100%
Scanning speed       100 lines / s
The number of scan lines       Single
Minimum resolution     Code 5 mil @ print contrast 90% / 39 yards
Print contrast     30% @ UPC / EAN 100%
Indicator light (LED) Three color LED (green, red & blue)
Voice      Adjustable audio and tone
Communication Interface        RS Keyboard Wedge, RS -232C  , USB 1.1,
Physical parameters
Height     165.2 mm
Thickness    175.1 mm
Width        92.0 mm
Weight       200 g  (Without base); 563 g (Including base)
Data line      2m  (Straightened)
Power Parameters
Input voltage       9V, 1A
Battery       2 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Scanning frequency       Readable charge 24,000 times
Charging time         5 hours (max.)
Wireless communication
Agreement      Bluetooth 1.2 Serial Protocol Profile (SPP)
Communication rate      2.4 - 2.48 GHz
Transmission distance       100 m / 75 m (Communication distance depends on the length of the use of the environment)
Laser safety and electromagnetic compatibility
Laser safety    CDRH Class II; IEC 60825-1: Class 1
Electromagnetic Compatibility        CE & FCC DOC compliance
Wireless communication        FCC TCB, EN 300 328, ARIB STD-T66
Environmental parameters
Operating temperature      0°C- 40 ° C (32 ° F –104 ° F)
Storage Temperature  -20 ° C –60 ° C (-4  F –140 ° F )
Working humidity      5% - 90% RH (non-condensing)
Ambient Light      4,500 Lux (fluorescence)
Seismic capacity        Designed to withstand 1 m 1 m drops drops