Metrologic MS7220 Argusscan Omni-directional Scanner

The MS7220 ArgusSCAN is an aggressive omni-directional laser bar code scanner ideal for retail, convenience, liquor, grocery and specialty stores. Because it is engineered with a large, high speed scan area and a bright 650 nm laser, ArgusSCAN boasts exceptionally high first pass read accuracy for maximum productivity.Offering four stand configurations, the ArgusSCAN is adaptable to a variety of applications. The modular design allows it to be mounted either horizontally or vertically, and a flexible post can be added, raising the scanner an additional 76 mm (3”). Combine this with the MS7220’s programmable depth of field, and the ArgusSCAN can be customized to meet the require-ments of even the most unique scanning environment.

Multiple interfaces and data parsing make the ArgusSCAN compatible with most cash registers right out of the box, and the RS232 auxiliary port allows for check readers, magstripe readers or bar code scanner input. Simply plug a Metrologic hand-held scanner into the auxiliary port for scanning bulky or heavy items.

The MS7220 ArgusSCAN is MetroSet2, Metro-Select and MetrOPOS compatible, making con-figuration easy. And the MS7220’s compatibility with Metrologic’s PowerLink user replaceable cables allows users to quickly replace damaged cables. All of these features, and a two-year warranty make this scanner an excellent value.


MS7220 Product Specifications


Light SourceVisible Laser Diode 650 nm -10 nm

Laser Power0.678 mW (peak)

Depth of Scan Field(programmable)0 mm - 215 mm (0" - 8.5") for 0.33 mm (13 mil) bar code

Width of Scan Field38 mm (1.5") @ 40 mm (1.6"); 135 mm (5.3") @ 215 mm (8.5")

Scan Speed2000 scan lines per second

Scan Pattern5 fields of 4 parallel lines (omni-directional)

Number of Scan Lines20

Minimum Bar Width0.13 mm (5.2 mi )

Decode CapabilityAuto discriminates all standard bar codes; for other symbologies call Metrologic

System InterfacesPC Keyboard Wedge, RS232, OCIA, Light Pen, IBM 468X/469X, Stand Alone Keyboard, USB

Print Contrast35% minimum reflectance difference

Roll, Pitch, Yaw       360° , 60° , 60°

Beeper Operation7 tones or no tone

Number Characters ReadUp to 80 data characters

Indicators(LED)Green= Laser on, ready to scan ; Red= Good read, decoding



Dimensions      123 mm H x 65 mm D x 168 mm W (4.8"H x 2.6" D x 6.6"W)

Footprint on Stand127 mm x 67 mm (5" x 2.68") or 93 mm x 67 mm (3.5" x 2.68")

Weight0.91 Kg (2 lbs)

TerminationFour 10-pin modular RJ45

CableStandard 2.1 m (7') straight; optional 2.7 m (9') coiled; for other cables call Metrologic

Mount (optional)Fully adjustable



Input Voltage5 VDC -0.25 V

Power1.9 W

Operating Current360 mA

DC TransformersClass 2; 5.2 VDC @ 650 mA

Laser ClassCDRH: Class IIa; EN60825-1:1994/A11:1996 Class 1

EMCFCC, ICES-003 & EN 55022 Class A



Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C

Storage Temperature-40°C to 60°C

Humidity5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

Light LevelsUp to 4842 Lux (450 footcandles)

ContaminantsSealed to resist airborne particulate contaminants

VentilationNone required