Metrologic MS3580 Barcode Scanner Omni directional

Metrologic s QuantumT is a compact, durable, accurate, and reliable omnidirectional laser bar code scanner, fully enclosed with a protective exterior boot. Featuring an optional singleline scanning mode, QuantumTallows you to quickly and easily select and scan a desired bar code from a menu-style list of bar codes. In the omnidirectional mode, QuantumTproduces an impressive 1,650 scans per second, offering more scan speed than the competition, increasing throughput and customer satisfaction. It does a big job with a small footprint, freeing up valuable space, whether it s mounted on a countertop, a wall, a stand, or left free standing as a hand scanner. Other key features include Metrologic's patented IR activation mode, custom configurable scan pattern, and a primary and secondary scan modes. 


²       Omnidirectional/Single-line mode

²       Sleep Mode with IR wake-up

²       Small footprint

²       OPOS and JPOS system compatible   

MS3580 QuantumT Quick Specs

²       Depth of Field:  25 mm - 280 mm (1” - 11”) for 0.33 mm (13 mil) bar code at default setting

²       Width of Field:  30 mm (1.2”) @ 25 mm (1"); 150 mm (5.9”) @ 280 mm (11”)

²       Scan Speed:     Omnidirectional: 1650 scan lines/sec; Raster: 320 scan lines/sec; Single-line: 80 scan lines/sec

²       Scan Pattern:    5 fields of 4 parallel lines, omnidirectional; or button activated single line

²       Minimum Bar Width:     0.127 mm (5 mil)

²       Dimensions:     66 mm x 67 mm x 108 mm (2.60” x 2.65” x 4.25”)

²       System Interfaces:  RS232, Light Pen Emulation, Keyboard Wedge, Stand Alone Keyboard, IBM 468x/469X, USB (low speed and full speed), Laser Emulation, OCIA

²       Light Source:    Visible Laser Diode 650 nm

²       Weight:       170 g (6 oz)

²       Indicators: Blue = laser on, ready to scan; White = good read