Metrologic MS232x series StratosH

         Metrologic MS232x series StratosH is a high performance in-counter bi-optic  scanner/scale designed for supermarket and POS applications having narrow enclosures around the vertical tower.




²      Accomodates checkstands incoporating narrow enclosures around the vertical tower

²      StratosSWAP field replaceable optical scanning modules - for fast, easy onsite repair

²      StratosSYNC independent scanning technology

²      StratosSCAN 360 degrees, 6 sided scanning technology

²      StratosSHERE advanced decoding software to further increase first pass scanning

²      Lowest below counter dimensions of all 6-sided bi-optic scanners

²      Built-in decoding of 1D and RSS bar codes

²      Easy to install - fits standard counter openings

²      StratosSCOPE visual diagnostic indicator-for easy maintenance