Transport and Logistics Industry Solutions
Transport and Logistics Industry Solutions
  Transport and Logistics companies today more than ever need to improve the performance of their operations and reduce the operational costs in their day to day activities. With rising costs involved in running operations advantages can be implemented within your business that will dramatically improve your bottom line.

  SUMLUNG TECH offers wireless barcode adapter SL-BA10, designed to provide small businesses the efficiency of large companies, at prices that are reasonable. By transforming the bog-standard scanner into a Bluetooth device you will save 30 to 50 per cent in costs in comparison to the traditional barcode scanner.

  Sumllung wireless barcode adapter SL-BA10 is a fantastic new product that could convert major common 1D or 2D barcode scanner to Bluetooth barcode scanner, like Symbol, HHP, Metrologic, Datalogic and so on. The adapter could send the barcode data to PC or smart phone by Bluetooth. We could also use it as mobile barcode data collection. The operation is also very simple. With SUMLUNG SL-BA10 Bluetooth barcode adapter, business owners and managers will spend less money and same effective to do data collection terminal when combined with a mobile phone.

  This device is aimed primarily at companies such as UPS, TNT, EMS and DHL as they will be able to scan the tracking number and the goods barcode straight into their mobile phone or PC.

  Mobile data capture has become an essential part of any transport and logistics operation. With advances in technology offerings mobile devices and PDA's are now smarter, run faster and can wirelessly interface in numerous types of networks. Data capture applications installed on device for real time visibility and interface with asset movements as they occur both inside your facilities and out on the road.

  Selecting the right hardware for your project is a critical cornerstone for anyone. With a huge selection of fixed, handheld and vehicle mounted devices available today, Sumlung SL-BA10 can take the worry out of your hardware acquisition process. Our qualified product will provide you with the most effective quality required to perform your tasks and give you the security of knowing that your equipment and will meet your needs in the long term also.