POS(Point Of Sales) Solution
POS(Point Of Sales) Solution
Point of Sale (POS) refers to capturing data at the time of purchase, as opposed to entering it at a later time. The POS solution you choose should help you run your store faster and more efficiently while still delivering the service your customers expect. The entire POS system centers on the software and not all POS hardware is compatible with your requirement. Still tangle in wires? With our Sumlung SL-BA10, you won’t have to buy whole new scanners.

As we know that not all barcode scanners use wires, but the alternative is often a WLAN wireless network. The Sumlung SL-BA10 is a Bluetooth barcode adapter which is designed to fit into major handheld barcode scanners including Symbol, HHP and Metrologic and will convert this scanner into a Bluetooth device.

Large retail outlets as the barcode can be scanned directly at the point of sale and be sent via Bluetooth to the company computer.

There is also scope for improving the customer’s shopping experience as well as the seller. The device could be marketed as an aid to scanning your own items as you shop – the barcodes then uploaded straight to the till via Bluetooth.

Computerized Point of Sale Systems (POS Systems) provide your business with the technology to keep inventory, track sales and generate purchase orders, all in one place. If you’ve been working with pen and paper or even with an electronic cash register, you will be surprised at the amount of time and money a POS system can save you. If you are tired of tangling in wires, with our Sumlung wireless barcode adapter SL-BA10 you can easily convert your major scanner to wireless mobile Bluetooth barcode scanners. Even you can forget about closing your business and hiring extra employees for lengthy physical inventory counts. A complete retail system minimizes human error and automates sales to provide you with fast, efficient check out that will benefit both you and your customers.

Sumlung point of sale solution is designed to help independent retailers run faster and more efficiently while providing customers with the service they demand. Wasp’s easy-to-use, point of sale barcode solutions provide the tools that bigger retailers use but without the complexity or cost associated with those complicated point of sale systems. Whether you’re opening your first retail store or expanding operations, Wasp’s point of sale solution will improve your business efficiency. Lower costs of operation, improved sales and higher customer satisfaction will help make your business a success.

Sumlung point of sale solutions are ideal for retailers including apparel, shoe stores, gift & card shops, bike or hobby shops and liquor or beverage retailers. Sumlung retail point of sale is also superb for sporting goods stores, jewelry stores, electronics/computer retailers or service stores like health stores or nail & beauty salons.