Inventory Control Solution/ Inventory tracking systems
Inventory Control Solution/ Inventory tracking systems

  SUMLUNG TECH offers wireless barcode adapter SL-BA10, designed to provide small businesses the efficiency of large companies, at prices that are reasonable. It can help save 30 to 50 per cent in costs.

  Inventory Control reduces costly inventory errors, improves customer service, and will increase the value of your business. Sumlung’s wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner suite and inventory tracking systems are easy to use and implement without the cost or complexity of larger inventory tracking systems.

  Choose Sumlung’s wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner suite for one PC user, 5 PC users, or an unlimited number of PC users. Complete inventory tracking solutions feature inventory software paired with a Sumlung’s wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner suite.

  This complete solution includes Sumlung wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner suite and software. Sumllung wireless Bluetooth barcode adapter SL-BA10 is a fantastic new product that could convert major common 1D or 2D barcode scanner to Bluetooth barcode scanner, like Symbol, HHP, Metrologic, Datalogic and so on. The adapter could send the barcode data to PC or smart phone by Bluetooth. We could also use it as mobile barcode data collection. This ergonomic design is an ideal match that will solve your inventory tracking needs and make it easy to keep track of your goods in real-time and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Inventory tracking solution allows you to:

Track inventory at multiple locations and sites
Track inventory by any numbering system of your choice or by:
   - Site
   - Location
   - Serial Number
   - PO Number
   - Supplier Code
   - Date Code
   - Lot
   - Pallet
   - Customer

  Inventory Tracking is a great solution for warehouses, factories, retailers, trucks, cargo containers, offices, stock rooms, or any place you keep your inventory. The program allows you to define multiple sites (a warehouse, truck fleet, stock room, or even a installation truck such as a TV or satellite installer) with multiple locations (a bin, shelf, or even a pallet within the location).

  Having problems adding up inventory? Missing valuable sales and creating customer issues with inaccurate inventory levels or stock-outs? Still spending valuable time trying to reconcile what’s on hand, on order, or sold with pen and paper? Sumlung’s easy-to-use solutions are designed to help small businesses like yours maximize efficiency and optimize labor productivity.

  Improved inventory tracking frequently translates to increased sales and more revenue, particularly in today’s electronic age, which has elevated client expectations for immediate delivery. Maintaining up-to the minute inventory control, knowing where inventory is located, on or offsite, and what the on-hand amounts are improves distribution and customer response time.