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SUMLUNG barcoder adapter 

SUMLUNG barcoder adapter >>>download

SUMLUNG SL-QC15S 2D barcode reader >>>download 




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Warehouse POS  (Point Of Sales)   >>>view

Store POS  (Point Of Sales)   >>>view

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  2D Barcode Read Software for PC Camera

We can read 2D barcode data by our simple PC camera, only need a 2D Barcode read software. It is so convenience and cost-effective.Product Introduction

Free Version Download (only need a PC camera used together)

Barcode Scanner PDF Download

Symbol Series

Symbol LS1203

Symbol LS2208

Symbol LS4208


Metrologic Series

Metrologic MS5145

Metrologic MS9540

Metrologic MS9544


Datalogic Series


Zebex Series

Zebex Z3000